Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to row like a pro

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I am not a physically active person by nature. I would do everything I could to avoid Phys Ed at school. If hand-eye-ball coordination could be measured with numbers, with {10 = Roger Federer} and {0 = tries to throw a ball forwards and instead throws it backwards}, I would be {-1 = tries to throw a ball and instead pokes herself in the eye with a cucumber}. Even the way I jog brings uncontrollable fits of laughter amongst my peers.

But let's be honest. No healthy lifestyle is complete without a good dose of physical activity.

My main problem, as is everything in my life, is moderation and balance. When I do exercise, it's a 30 minute run in the morning, then an hour of boot camp followed by an hour of kickboxing in the evening. I get fit, I get toned, I get bored and tired and then I get useless. I stop. Completely.

That, incidently, is where I am now. And I am terrified to go back, because 4 months ago I could do 100 sit-ups straight and now I can barely climb the stairs without a pep talk from Rooms.

But here I go again. Trying, as always, to achieve moderation and balance, I will start off with 20 minutes gym rowing every day for a week and work my way up from there. I like rowing. You get to sit down. And it has fantastic benefits. The problem is, as my Rooms the physiotherapist says, nobody seems to know how to do it properly at gym. So I did some research and this is what I came up with. I'm sharing it with you all.

BIG disclaimer: I can barely identify the treadmills at gym. I have no experience in this. But this infographic is based on research from a reliable, scientific source, and from input from a qualified physiotherapist.

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