About me

Simply put, the purpose of this blog is to chronicle the journey of a registered dietitian as she figures out how to fix her dysfunctional relationship with food and fully embrace health, happiness and self-love.

That’s me, by the way:).

Please join me as I explore the complicated world of food and self-love and balance and health. Here we're going to talk about nutrition and science, share amazing recipes, offer personal experiences, cover the most recent research, overcome psychological obstacles and have fun in this crazy field.

Still want to know more?

I am a registered dietitian doing my Masters in nutrigenomics and working with a paediatric practice, in Cape Town, South Africa.

I live in a flat with a beloved physiotherapist (I call her my Homie) and way too many owl decorations.  I have a perfect boyfriend (henceforth known as "Best") who quietly suffers through failed meal experiments involving tofu, fat free mayonnaise and carrot juice on a regular basis. He is largely to thank for any success I occasionally stumble upon in the kitchen.  I have friends that are too bizarre to describe in writing, and a family who are dysfunctional to the point of becoming a TV sitcom, but they are all amazing and I love them dearly.

I recovered from an eating disorder several years ago but never fully managed to sort out my head. The best way I can describe my relationship with food and my body is a combination of love-hate, respect-fear, and jubilation-loathing. Yes, I know. Very healthy.

I love food... any food... all food. I love Mozambique, time with my ridiculous family, finding great vegetarian recipes, laughing until I snort, cuddling with my man, Bloody Mary cocktails, the sweet breath of my little patients, getting lost in books, music festivals, Lowveld sunsets, the intense beauty of Cape Town, crisp morning runs and the Insalata pizza at Toni's Fully Furnished Pizza Co.

Thanks for swinging by my little page. I hope you find something to inspire you, interest you, or to simply make you laugh.


  1. THanks for stopping by my blog, I love your honesty here! I think many dietitians have had ED's at some point in their lives. you could say I still go back and forth with my past ED but it's to the point now where I may have the thoughts...but I don't act on them and I feel that is a huge step. I have also developed a healthier perspective when it comes to food, using it to nourish my body vs looking at it as an enemy full of calories that make me "fat."

  2. Whoops...just commented and deleted it (I think :)) Just wanted to say how it was fun to read your "about me"--we have some things (almost) in common--food, my husband is a born-and-raised South African (we are in the US now), and I'm a physical therapist--so a couple of things, at least! :)


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