Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hot and humid in Nelspruit

Man alive but it is hot in Nelspruit. And humid. It is hot and humid, and friends, that is not as fun as it sounds. As soon as you turn your aircon off you feel the sweat start to eke out of your body, as soon as you step outside you feel an urgent need to lie down on the grass for a coma nap. Rooms and I have got all three fans on full blast; our hair is taking some strain but that doesn't matter right now.

The weather has messed up my weekend plans somewhat. I had a nice leisurely jog in mind, maybe taking a blanket and a book down to the river for some me-time, definitely fitting in some tanning. Now I'm fairly certain that if I tried any of those things, I would evaporate on the spot.

There was a man by the river, but he evaporated before I could take the photo.

Instead, I have dragged myself to... the mall. I agree that it is a laughable way to spend a beautiful day in the Lowveld, but the mall has air-conditioning and that is all I care about right now. So about R800 later, here I am:
I really needed new clothes.
Yes, that is quite a lot of shopping for someone who was just planning on buying bananas. I request that you ignore the new pants and pyjamas and the shirt and the book and the shoes (that I definitely DID need), and invite you to regard that pile of treats I've got going on there. That's right. Those are snacks and they are the beginning of my quest for... da da da dum... The Perfect Snack. The Perfect Snack Quest. The PSQ. Alright, the naming is going to need some work, but in the meantime, know this: I have embarked on a mission to find the top 10 healthiest, easiest, most delicious, and most sustaining snacks in the world. Well, maybe only in Nelspruit. So for the next few weeks I shall be putting various snacks through rigorous, scientifically exacting tests to determine their quality and nutritional adequacy. Ok, mostly I'll be eating them and seeing how long it takes me to get hungry again. But it will be tough.

I will keep you posted on the PSQ (hopefully soon to be renamed). In the meantime, drop me some ideas... What snacks do you love to eat to keep you going until dinner time?

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