Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What? 2013?

Well look at that. It's two weeks into 2013. When did that happen? Certainly not at a time that I was taking notes. This year has really snuck up on me, and let me tell you, I am about as prepared for 2013 as I was for that Population Genetics test in 3rd year (the one where I achieved an outstanding result of 8%).

Last year, like any self-respecting A type personality with two X chromosomes and a degree in dietetics, I had a list of goals that was going to transform me into a superhero by the end of 2012. Oh, the plans I had! Marathons and scrapbooks and redecorated bedrooms! The ambition! The folly! Then, before I could say, "Where's the decoupage?", life happened. Loved ones in ICU, burglaries, divorces, moving houses, losing friends, moving cities. It all happened. Needless to say, my goals flew out the window as I used all my energy to simply not have a nervous breakdown.

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This year, I am going to be a little more cautious. I don't need any more pressure. For 2013, I have one simple plan: To look after myself. Going for a run, getting enough sleep, allowing myself time in nature - aren't these the first things to fall by the wayside when things get tough? This year, there are no goals, no kilograms, no milestones I am aiming for. All I want is that, no matter what happens, I will put myself first.

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As for what we can expect from An Unlikely Dietitian? There's going to be loads of fun as I move to Cape Town and explore the thousands of restaurants, food trucks and cocktail bars unusual ingredients that the Mother City has to offer. At the same time, we'll probably be focussing on cheap and convenient meals (sigh) as I turn into a student again for my Masters at UCT. And, as always, we're going to be constantly chatting about balancing health, happiness and self-love to achieve maximum joy and peace in our lives.

One last little inspiration for 2013 (about two weeks too late):

What are your new years resolutions?

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